Tell us how you got started styling?
I actually didn't study Fashion , which is something that surprises some people, I studied fine art and graphics, which when you get to know me and the breadth of my work makes sense. I’ve art directed a lot of photo shoots as well as doing the styling, as I got into styling for my love of picture making. I moved to London, not really knowing anyone and just took myself out and about to places that inspired me, meeting inspirational and lovely people along the way, trying to do as much work experience and assisting where possible.
Who are some of the clients you have worked with, past and present?
I've spent the last year or so focusing on working with music acts, such as Charli XCX who's super talented but more importantly a super cool and nice girl. With all the artists its always a collaboration of visions and its so important to get to know an artist if your going to style them, as a person personality, passions and inspirations should influence their aesthetic. I recently worked with Miley Cyrus which was really inspirational, as shes super focused and knows her mind, plus she knows how to have fun at work which is very important, as well as turning out an amazing shoot. I really love pop, so working with the UK band Little Mix for the last 9 months was great fun to see them break America!
Who is someone you haven't worked with that you would die to style?
As Im a big pop fan it would have to be the Queens Britney and Madonna! Both of them have a great understanding a stage costume and show to what they wear. They aren't dictated by trends, which is something really important to me, I've never been much of a follower, so copy and pasting someone else's ideas wouldnt feel very exciting to me.
to the left Alexis is wearing the UNIF Oi! Boot.
UNIF Clothing or "Ur Not in Fashion" is one of the dopest brands to hail out of California. Influenced by music and culture UNIF has made itself into a lifestyle brand with distinctive shoe styles like the Hellbounds and Hellraisers!
Can you describe your own personal style?
Im a Cyberwave Ponytailed Platformed Princess ;P I love all things cyber, kawaii, Ive been into the 90s ever since it stopped being the 90s lol, and i just like to have fun with colour and print!
What do you look for when selecting footwear?
Firstly I look for originality, i like something with attitude that not too many people are rocking. I also have to be practical so comfort is number 1 as i spend so much time on my feet!
Who are some of your favorite shoe designers?
I love platforms so i love Cute to the Core/ YRU shoes, as well as vintage Buffaloes. I love Adidas sneakers and slides too! Live for my Adidas slides n socks!
Can you share one tip to being successful as a stylist?
Be reliable,no one likes a let down. The jobs long and hard, and totally takes over your life. I say its a lifestyle not a job! But its also a dream job so stay happy, loyal and grateful every day!
What has been your most fun shoot yet?
I really enjoyed flying to New York to style Bruno Mars for the cover of Notion Magazine. I LOVE the USA,so any chance to be there i am!!!!
Can you recommend some styles for our fans from the site?
Im going to pick my favourite three pairs of platforms!
These Nirvanas by Jeffrey Campbell are perfect for recreating a 90s hiphop look!
The Gammaray boot by Unif is the most epic way to wear Holographic... unleash your inner Cyberwave babe!
I love the Delancy by Sixtyseven, as its a really subtle chunky platform!