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ENVI Exclusive: Helmet Magazine

You may remember the kick-ass editorial spread we featured a few weeks ago from the debut issue of Helmet Magazine, an edgy Australian publication focusing on all things art/fashion/music oriented. I had a chance to chat with founders Jordie Taylor-Bartels (Editorial Director) and Tom Smith (Editor) about their new venture.


ENVI: What prompted you to start your own publication?

Helmet: Well, we had both gone down multiple different avenues within the media industry (including Rolling Stone, Faster Louder, and multiple newspapers) and we really wanted to do something different. I (Jordie) have had a family of journalists - with my uncle being heavily involved with Interview Magazine and Vanity Fair in New York during the 80s and 90s, so my inspiration really comes from him. It actually all came about over a coffee though and a notepad was our only real tool. We wanted creative freedom, and establishing a magazine gave us this opportunity - which we have extenuated to our staff and contributors.

E: In what way are you differentiating yourself from the other magazines?
H: Everything needs a niche, and Helmet Magazine welds music, fashion and art together - each influencing each other - each reliant upon each other too. Helmet Magazine is rather large too - both in its concept as well as its actual dimensions. Helmet Magazine prides itself on an unmatched quality of content, as well as the actual magazine (it is made from the most amazing paper - so thick). We are a magazine for those who open a magazine for articles, and for those who become enchanted by the images.

E: Do you hope to engage more readers from Europe and the United States?
H: Its funny that you've asked this - as we have had a lot of interest from Europe, Asia and the USA in regard to Helmet Magazine - ?it is somewhat overwhelming as well. We believe that our magazine is an international Australian magazine - it is inclusive rather exclusive - which is something that is lacking a lot in magazines these days. We have maintained a sense of class in the magazine that all of our readers can not only relate to, but appreciate. To have the USA and Europe follow Helmet Magazine is a goal of ours and we are on course to achieving it!

E: What is the most exciting part about starting a new publication?
H: I think the whole insecurity and nervousness of it makes the excitement almost unbearable at times. We are all still learning - and we are often caught problem solving. The photoshoots inspired by our Creative Director, Ned Rogers, are amazing - and the team we have going at Helmet Magazine is truly a gift. We all work so well as a team, and I think that is the reason why it has been a success - it truly is reflected in the product - I think a part of our souls are in each issue.
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