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  • Jeffrey Campbell Batgirl

    jeffrey campbell batgirl jeffrey campbell batgirl jeffrey campbell batgirl

    We love the Jeffrey Campbell Batgirl!  Ofcourse, they are perfect for Halloween but they are even more perfect for everyday!  Super chic and super sexy these shoes are a must have.  They fit like the Jeffrey Campbell Dulce Pump.  Which means they are super comfortable!  We can't wait for you ladies to share your purchases with us!!!

    Find the shoe here... Jeffrey Campbell Batgirl

  • Jimi Hendrix, New Movie on the Horizon

    Check out the trailer from the new Jimi Hendrix movie starring musician and actor Andre3000.

    Jimi Hendrix Jimi Hendrix Jimi Hendrix Jimi Hendrix

  • YRU Qozmo HI

    Platform Sneakers Platform Sneakers Lookbook Blogger YRU Qozmo HI- Platform Sneakers YRU Qozmo HI- Platform SneakersThe YRU Qozmo HI Sneaker ($79.95) is one of the hottest unisex sneakers out there.  So ready for warm weather, summer festivals, and daily lookbooks, this sneaker is trendy, fashion-forward and edgy.  Easily paired with jeans or cut-off denim shorts, you will be surprised at how easy these are to walk in.  Check out  UK based blogger, Milex, he is a master at styling his YRU Qozmo HI Sneakers.

    Check Out more looks by Milex on His Blog

    Get the Shoes Here  

  • Beyonc? Breaks iTunes Record With New Album

    1504128_10153648737750601_778474370_n 581287_10153648737070601_89348293_n

    (photos courtesy of Beyonce's Facebook Page)

    Queen Bey kept her album secret until its midnight debut on Dec. 13 ? a departure from the typical practice of releasing an album on Tuesday to allow a full week of sales.

    Beyonc? The Visual Album
    14 songs 17 videos
    available now on iTunes
  • Halloweenvi Anyone? Join us on Instagram for our latest and greatest Contest!

    Hey ?There! ?As you can tell we are totally digging our newest brand, T.U.K.! ?To celebrate the Halloween season and to further express our undying love for you guys, we would like to launch our newest contest (dun, dun,dun) "Halloweenvi!"

    Join us on @Envishoes Official Instagram Page??to Enter!


    The Rules:

    1. ?Follow @envishoes on Instagram

    2. ?Upload a video with the #halloweenvi ?+ #yourbestscream to your Instagram Page featuring Your Best Scream!

    3. ?Winners will be chosen by the Envi Shoes Team based on creativity and the awesomeness of your screams!

    So kick it in creative mood and head over to our Instagram to Enter!

    Winners will be revealed on Instagram and the Blog!

    Contest begins October 23rd and ends October 31st at 10AM. ?Winner will be revealed October 31st at 12 NOON.


    Need Ideas? ?Check out these cool videos from the Envi Interns:

    Halloweenvi + Instagram Halloweenvi + Instagram


    Want to see what is up for grabs? ?Check out the T.U.K. Creepers Here.

  • T.U.K.: Creepin' Since '91



    Since 1991, San Diego based footwear company, T.U.K., has brought classic British punk styles reminiscent of underground music movements, to shoes with a modern, edgy twist. ?From punks to pin-ups and every style in between, T.U.K. delivers to musicians, fans, and those simply with a unique style. They seem to understand the distinctive relationship that fashion, music, and art share and have styled all sorts of footwear to embody this. Supporting all things alternative, they feature various bands, record labels and even magazines on their website to keep those passionate about this lifestyle connected. In 2003, they grew internationally and continue to provide iconic styles of vintage footwear.



    Perhaps the most legendary of these styles, the Creeper has maintained a prominent role in the T.U.K. line.? From Willow Smith, to Katy Perry at Coachella, artists never miss a beat whilst rocking these shoes, even for questionable performances, such as Miley Cyrus at the VMA?s (yes, creepers are twerk friendly).


    For the most recent Creepers sightings, check out T.U.K.?s blogspot, http://tukshoes.blogspot.com, http://creepers-all-the-world.tumblr.com for styling ideas, and an awesome video of the Creeper line by Live Life Channel at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlxwQgaVxeY. And to see T.U.K.?s latest Holiday 2013 line, check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qsbwDQD6_9U

  • Envishoes + Jeffrey Campbell Fall Lookbook Released

    For the Fall we wanted the Envi Staff to have a chance to pick their favorites for Fall. ?After much deliberation we decided to do a bad ass mash up of looks that require more than a second glance. ?It's a combination of height, hardware and angles. ?Take a look at our latest lookbook featuring Anila, Style Blogger from Lookbook!

    JeffreyCampbell_Wonky_Anila_Lookbook_Cover Anila_Lookbook_JeffreyCampbell_Cosmo_Envishoes Anila_Lookbook_JeffreyCampbell_Cosmo_Envishoes2 Anila_Lookbook_JeffreyCampbell_MidTheron_Envishoes2 Anila_Lookbook_JeffreyCampbell_MidTheron_Envishoes1 Anila_Lookbook_JeffreyCampbell_MidTheron_Envishoes3 JeffreyCampbell_Wonky_Anila_Lookbook_Envishoes1 JeffreyCampbell_Wonky_Anila_Lookbook_Envishoes2 JeffreyCampbell_Wonky_Anila_Lookbook_Envishoes3 JeffreyCampbell_Wonky_Anila_Lookbook_Envishoes4 JeffreyCampbell_Wonky_Anila_Lookbook_Ending

  • Happy Birthday Beyonce aka Queen Bey!

    Yeah, so we had to give a little shout-out to the Queen Bey on her Birthday! ?Here is our Office Tunes for Wednesday!

    And Ofcourse we had to throw in a little Destiny's Child....

    I'm a Survivor!

  • Spikes & Skulls: Just a Fashion Trend or More?

    Fashion has taken a notable turn towards edgier clothing and accessories. We constantly see spikes, skulls, and pleather from the runways to our malls. I, for one, welcome this trend. I love the color black and my middle-school inner goth/punk revels in the fact that YES, I can have it all.

    When I was doing my daily scroll of my tumblr dash, one post stuck in my mind for weeks.

    This comic by the tumblr user Saccharinescorpion, or Latia, created and posted this comic "An Observation At Charlotte Russe" on July 17th and has since gained over 28k notes on tumblr.

    I thought this was an interesting concept, the idea that women can now protect themselves through fashion. I remember once reading a story about a woman who used the spiked heel of her pumps to defend herself against an attacker.

    ?How to Protect Yourself With Stilettos?

    It is not secret that women everywhere must anticipate and endure harassment and cat-calls, sometimes even in their daily lives. Although it is worse in some places than others, it is a problem everywhere that women should not have to face.

    One artist, Tatyana Fazlalizadeh,?has taken to the streets to address catcallers through her art series "Stop Telling Women to Smile"

    Street harassment is a serious issue that affects women world wide. This project attempts to take women?s voices, and faces, and put them in the street - creating a presence for women in an environment where women are a lot of times made to feel uncomfortable and unsafe.?

    This artistic series has inspired me to stand up for myself and I believe it is just the first step in addressing this issue.

    Some of my favorite spiked shoes from ENVI shoes are:

    Screen shot 2013-09-02 at 5.33.39 PM Hellraisers by UNIF
    Screen shot 2013-09-02 at 5.33.48 PM Lita-Crown by Jeffrey Campbell
    Screen shot 2013-09-02 at 5.33.55 PM Lita Spike by Jeffrey Campbell
    Screen shot 2013-09-02 at 5.34.18 PM Margo by Jeffrey Campbell

    So strut those streets in your fashionable AND protective spiked shoes, you will quite literally look "fresh to death". However, I do implore every woman to stay safe and invest in some self-defense classes. Who says you can't be fashionable and smart?

    Stay safe and beautiful,

    Jackie Jinse

    Check out my blog:?http://jacquelinejinse.wordpress.com/

  • The Aftermath of the 2013 VMAs

    Where Brooklyn at? ?Where Brooklyn at?

    Well apparently, the party was poppin in Brooklyn last night at the 2013 VMAs.

    The night was full of reunions, 'what the f' moments, and all of ?the other typical VMA nonsense. ?So instead of digesting the best looks of the night for you, we would like to offer you the 'Aftermath' of the VMAS; full of gifs, stills and more of the 'what the f' moments that only the VMA's could produce.


    Lady Gaga and her wig changes...

    2013 MTV Video Music Awards - Show b427d32d7944a732_0-gaga3.preview

    It's called the one hand trick....



    2013 MTV Video Music Awards - Show

    The Aftermath of Miley Cyrus' and Robin Thicke's Performance


    The tongue thing walking down the steps was strange...but the performance just got more bizarre...

    Miley Cyrus did a lot of Tweaking. Some with Robin Thicke


    And some with Beetle Juice...? Seriously, that had to be your first thought when Robin Thicke appeared on stage.



    The strange camera shots of Miley Cyrus with the foam finger. ?(That foam finger did a lot of violating that night!)

    We can't leave out the strange audience reactions to her performance...


    I mean even Ri-Ri looked puzzled.


    And ofcourse the N SYNC reunion...when the VMAs started to redeem themselves...


    Watch the performance here!!!

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